Founded by Tansy Xiao in 2017, Raincoat Society is a non-profit organization of global citizens based in New York City featuring artists all over the world.

While the organization features artists with multiple cultural backgrounds, the term is not necessarily in regards to nationality or ethnic origin, but applies to those who received strong impacts from their overseas sojourns, their miscellaneous wisdoms, their absence of a fixed identity, or simply their passion in various disciplines.

The name was inspired by Jim Jarmusch’s film Paterson, in which a character invalidates poetry translation by saying: “Poetry in translation is like taking a shower with a raincoat on.”

Every Quixote has their windmill, and the one we’re tilting at is the barrier against translating culture, either due to prejudgments or the limitations of language itself.

Through in-depth interviews, interactions between different art forms and actual translation, we aim to ensure that every artist and every piece of work remains a complex individual on their own, rather than a stereotyped sample of the collective mentalities in their most remarkable category.

Regardless the trend that art making in our time is merely the making of an identity, we’re here to uncover more.